Who is Slim Chances

Well- Allow me to introduce myself. I was born in a small town in Buffalo MN, in my early teens I moved to the city of Minneapolis. After the relocation I had the opportunity to experience what making music looked like for the first time with a friend of mine at around 15 years old. We started recording basic Hip Hop music in our bedrooms. At that time we were old enough to work to get more equipment, which we did. Graduating to a new sound each purchase and as the years went on, we started actually making a name.

Starting out it was 1812 Records, us as a group made waves in our local music scene. This included the opportunity to network with promoters who blessed us with chances to open up for big acts like, Kutt Calhoun, Krizz Kaliko, Insane Clown Posse and many more. Did I mention I had not found Christ yet? Oh yea, about that. In my younger years I made music about the things we were doing, things that were not too good. We mixed well with those acts. It was for the most part a great experience to have made the moves we made.

After the death of my best friend, whom always tried to bring me to Christ, I found him.

After getting into the word a little bit and discovering what good music really was to me I started my Christ centered venture in music. In the last eight months I have been blessed with the ability to write 69 songs. That is more music than I have ever put out in my whole music career let alone in just eight months. Slim Chances is a name that I took on because there was always a Slim Chance I would make it out of the old lifestyle I was in. I truly felt like a lifer. Now it has a new meaning, there’s a slim chance i am going back. Thank God.

Slim Chances has been seen on tour with the Extreme Tour in 2022 and had one major release with Universal Music Group. Slim Chances has collaborated with artists such as Universal Music Group/Thump Records artist Battle Ax, ASAP Preach and some more.